[Info Grafis] Diego Costa Goal 11 9 vs 11 3

[Info Grafic] Diego Costa Goal 11 9 vs 11 3. Does not feel the English premier league (EPL) has entered the match 11th. Many surprises are recorded by the Chelsea players when compared with the Performance them last season. Among those who indicate this is by far the Performance trim Chelsea's Spanish striker, Diego Costa.
Yups ... If you made a comparison with his performance last season, this season Costa is far more fertile, at least until the game's 11th. nicks eleven goals he had already printed prove that he has frightening back. Compare with the achievements of his goal last season. Until the 11th game he has scored 3 goals. 6 goal difference with their achievements this season.
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I am sure, we will have many other surprises that will be created costa this season. we'll wait. may, at the end of the 2016/17 season he will come out as the premier league's top scorers. May more sharply, costa ...